Tornado shelters for home

Keep your home safe and secure with one of our residential shelters.

Whether new construction or existing home

Forever Safe shelters can add a tornado shelter for your home as an add-on to any home giving you the protection you need.

Our residential tornado shelters for your home includes:

  • Varying sizes ranging from
    8'8" wide x 8'0" long to 8'8" wide x 16'0" long or in any other 4'0" wide additional increments necessary to meet your needs.
  • Ventilation & Conduit
    There are holes for ventilation for air supply in the walls and for HVAC in the roof panels. A sleeve for an electrical conduit can be installed upon request as well.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Doors
    All of Forever Safe Shelter's doors open inward into the shelter at no additional cost to you.
  • Structural Integrity
    Our shelters are constructed of panels welded together and anchored to an above-average concrete slab. Each wall panel is made using 4" steel channel welded into a rectangular unit with a #4 rebar system welded inside. High strength concrete is then added and cured for 30 days prior to installation. The roof panels are made in like manner but are made from a higher strength 4" channel system that includes a #5 rebar system welded inside. The entire unit can be anchored to your slab using either steel plates embedded into your concrete slab or by installing 2"x 2" angles welded to our wall panels and then drilled and anchored into your slab. The shelters weigh about 600 pounds per lineal foot.

Why should I install a tornado shelter for my home?

Installing a safe shelter in your home provides a crucial layer of protection for you and your family during emergencies. Here are 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that highlight the importance of having a safe shelter in your residential property:

A safe shelter in your home offers a secure place for you and your family during emergencies such as severe weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes), natural disasters (earthquakes, floods), or other unforeseen dangers. It is designed to provide immediate protection from harm, potentially saving lives and minimizing injuries during critical situations.

A well-designed safe shelter is constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other emergency scenarios, offering a higher level of safety than other areas in your home. It ensures that your family has a designated place to go where they can be protected from flying debris, collapsing structures, or other hazards. This preparation is especially crucial in regions prone to specific threats, enhancing your overall home safety plan.

Key considerations include the shelter's location, size, and construction standards. It should be easily accessible to all family members, sufficiently spacious to accommodate everyone comfortably, and built according to guidelines that address the types of emergencies you're most likely to face. Additionally, the shelter should be stocked with essential supplies, such as water, non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, and necessary medications.

Yes, having a safe shelter can influence your homeowners' insurance rates positively. Insurance companies often view the addition of a safe shelter as a proactive measure that reduces the risk of injury and property damage. As a result, they may offer discounts or more favorable terms on your insurance policy. It's advisable to discuss this with your insurance provider to understand how a safe shelter might impact your rates.

Various financial assistance programs and incentives may be available to help offset the cost of installing a safe shelter. These can include federal and state grants, particularly in areas prone to severe weather and natural disasters. Some local governments and organizations also offer rebates or financial aid to encourage homeowners to take proactive steps in disaster preparedness. Researching local resources and reaching out to emergency management agencies can provide valuable information on what's available in your area.

Adding a safe shelter to your home is an investment in your family's safety and peace of mind. It not only provides a secure environment during emergencies but also demonstrates a commitment to preparedness and protection against unforeseen events.

The strength of our shelters speaks volumes

We are so confident in our shelter's ability to withstand the toughest circumstances that we dropped a car on it... 3 times. Watch one of our car drops below.


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