Quality safe shelters

Multipurpose shelters with a single goal—safety.

Commercial grade safe shelters

Forever Safe Shelters provides shelter for your school, business, or community from the threats of gun violence and natural disaster.


Tornado shelters for home

Increase the value, safety, and offering of your home by partnering with Forever Safe Shelters to implement tornado or hurricane shelters into your home.


School safe shelters

Protect students, educators, and employees from potential gun violence, tornado strikes, or any other natural disaster with Forever Safe Shelters.


Gun safe-safe room

With family and young children in your home, use a Forever Safe Shelter to keep all hunting gear and personal firearm collections organized and secure.

teex - texas a&m engineering extension service tested badge

Impact testing that goes above & beyond

Together with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services, we came up with testing that goes above and beyond all others. Not only did we conduct the standard debris testing, we also pressure tested our shelters to wind speeds of over 500 mph. Our shelters test to a level 9 ballistics and we have dropped not one, not two, but three cars on the very same shelter!

Forever Safe Shelters is a family owned and operated business located in Athens, TX. We are quite familiar with severe weather including the catastrophic and devastating damage that can be done by tornadoes. We know that your utmost concern is the safety of you and your family or employees, as is ours.

Common questions about our storm shelters

above ground safe shelter aftermath photo This shelter picture was taken directly from the FEMA P-320, Fourth Edition/December 2014 and shows a "site-built safe room that withstood the impact of the Moore tornado (Moore, OK, 2013)."

The FEMA P-320 is guidance provided by FEMA for safe rooms. Before we dropped a 3,900 pound van from 50 feet onto our shelter, Caleb Holt, PDC Manager for Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, stated, “with the gravity pull, essentially you’re going to get 195,000 foot-pounds directly impacting this (shelter) and if you calculate that out and think about the fastest wind speed ever recorded in North America, 318 mph, this is going to be in the neighborhood of 1,200 mph.” That’s equivalent to almost 4 EF5 tornadoes bearing down on the shelter at one time! 

securing a storm shelter to concrete Before installation, steel plates are provided to be installed into the concrete slab while it is being poured. These plates are flush with the engineered slab and the steel framed shelter panels are welded to these plates. This welded anchoring system and the 23,000 pound shelter disallow  wind to be able to get under the structure to pick it up or even move it.

storm shelters being installed After your engineered slab has had the weld plates installed and it has cured, we will have your shelter delivered and assembled. A crane or a forklift is used to install the shelters. We start with the wall panels and weld them to the weld plates as well as to each other. Then, we lower the roof panels in position and weld them complete. 

finished out storm shelter inside of a house In additions or remodels, shelters can be tied into the existing structure or stand-alone. During new construction the shelters are framed and finished the same as the rest of the home/office. Additionally, the shelters can be finished out to be a walk-in closet, pantry, laundry room, server room, gun safe or even a tool shed. Please see our gallery for more pictures.

Safe shelters can be installed during new construction, added onto an existing home or even stand alone to meet your needs for your home, business or school. Forever Safe Shelters can be storm shelters, safe rooms, server rooms or even gun safes. We service all states in tornado alley and beyond.