Commercial safe shelters

Adding security and peace of mind to your commercial property.

People are your greatest asset, protect them

Forever Safe shelters can server as a tornado shelter or safe room at your business, school or public park installation.

Our commercial safe shelters includes:

  • Varying sizes ranging from
    12'8" wide x 12'0" long to 12'8" wide x 28'0" long or in any other 4'0" wide additional increments necessary to meet your company/school's needs.
  • Ventilation & Conduit
    There are holes for ventilation for air supply in the walls and for HVAC in the roof panels. A sleeve for an electrical conduit can be installed upon request as well.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Doors
    All of Forever Safe Shelter's doors open inward into the shelter at no additional cost to you.
  • Structural Integrity
    Our shelters are constructed of panels welded together and anchored to an above-average concrete slab. Each wall panel is made using 4" steel channel welded into a rectangular unit with a #4 rebar system welded inside. High strength concrete is then added and cured for 30 days prior to installation. The roof panels are made in like manner but are made from a higher strength 4" channel system that includes a #5 rebar system welded inside. The entire unit can be anchored to your slab using either steel plates embedded into your concrete slab or by installing 2"x 2" angles welded to our wall panels and then drilled and anchored into your slab. The shelters weigh about 600 pounds per lineal foot.

Why should I install a commercial safe shelter?

Installing a safe shelter on your commercial property can significantly enhance safety and preparedness for various emergencies. Here are 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) explaining why you should consider this addition:

A safe shelter provides a secure place for you, your employees, and customers during emergencies such as severe weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes), natural disasters (earthquakes, floods), or security threats (active shooter situations). It ensures everyone on the property has access to immediate protection, which can save lives and reduce injuries.

Beyond the primary benefit of safety, having a safe shelter can minimize operational disruptions during emergencies. It enables a quicker resumption of business activities once the danger has passed, reducing economic losses. Additionally, it demonstrates to your employees and customers that their safety is a priority, which can enhance loyalty and trust in your business.

When installing a safe shelter, consider its capacity to ensure it can accommodate all individuals on your property. It should be easily accessible and equipped with essential supplies (e.g., water, first-aid kits, non-perishable food). Compliance with local building codes and standards for safe shelters is crucial, as is ensuring the shelter is designed to withstand the specific types of emergencies your area is prone to.

Installing a safe shelter can positively impact your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies recognize the reduced risk of injury and property damage when businesses take proactive safety measures. As a result, they may offer lower premiums or discounts. However, it's essential to consult with your insurance provider for specific details, as policies vary.

Yes, financial assistance for constructing safe shelters may be available through various programs. This can include federal or state grants, especially in regions prone to severe weather or natural disasters. Some local governments also offer incentives or rebates for businesses that implement disaster preparedness measures. Researching and reaching out to local emergency management agencies can provide information on available funding options.

Installing a safe shelter is a significant but valuable investment in the safety and resilience of your commercial property. It not only protects lives but also contributes to the sustainability of your business operations in the face of emergencies.

The strength of our shelters speaks volumes

We are so confident in our shelter's ability to withstand the toughest circumstances that we dropped a car on it... 3 times. Watch one of our car drops below.


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