Forever safe shelter's story

Our utmost concern is the safety of you and your family or employees, as is ours.

Why we started Forever Safe Shelters

Shown here: President and Founder, Ron Cherry with Assistant Keri Pickering at the 2014 TASA/TASB Convention.

Forever Safe Shelters is a family owned and operated business located in Athens, TX. We are 18 miles south of Canton, TX where 4 tornadoes devastated a small town in April of 2017. We are quite familiar with severe weather including the catastrophic and devastating damage that can be done by tornadoes. We know that your utmost concern is the safety of you and your family or employees, as is ours.

We started our mission following the 2013 tornado that hit Moore, OK, which took 24 innocent lives and destroyed $2 billion in property damage. Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb said, "My understanding, this school ... Plaza Towers, they had a basement. Quite frankly, don't mean to be graphic, but that's why some of the children drowned, because they were in the basement area." In the spring of 2015, a 43 year old Oklahoma City woman tragically drowned in her underground storm cellar when she sought shelter from a nearby tornado. This was another reason our founder, Ron Cherry, created an above-ground shelter capable of withstanding an EF-5 Tornado. Having the above-ground shelter relieves that fear of being a victim of flooding, being struck by lightning while in a completely metal box or even being trapped beneath layers of debris until someone can find you. We want you to lay these fears aside when you purchase a Forever Safe Shelter.

Plaza Towers Elementary School (Moore, OK)/ NY Daily News

The strength of our shelters speaks volumes

We are so confident in our shelter's ability to withstand the toughest circumstances that we dropped a car on it... 3 times. Watch one of our car drops below.


Ready to find out more?

Watch our other tests and see the real strength of Forever Safe Shelters.